Theater menu

At KöD we are now offering a great menu for guests wanting to eat an early Dinner giving you plenty of time to catch a movie in the cinema or a show at the theatre afterwards.

With this menu, you can get the KöD-vibe and get 2 courses for only 350 DKK. Book your table for 5pm any given day of the week.

All days of the week, if you book your table for 5 p.m.

The table is yours for 2 hours and our professional chefs and welcoming waiters will guarantee a memorable evening before moving on into the rest of the night.

KöD Theater menu

2 courses for just   350,-
Choose starter + main course or main course + dessert from below


Thinly sliced Danish beef with Western cheese, wavy croutons, red wine-pickled pearl onion skins & browned butter cream


250 g. Ribeye from Uruguay
m. Steak Fries, salad & homemade stir-fry, warm béarnaise


Classic creme brûlée
with raspberry sorbet

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